Breaking Barriers: Tactics for Successful Women Programmes in Rural Areas in Nigeria

Rural women encounter unique obstacles in accessing education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. Inclusion is crucial for unleashing their potential and fostering positive economic changes.


To achieve this, stakeholders must implement evidence-based programmes that break down barriers and yield sustainable social and economic benefits for these women, rather than just implementing tick-box activities.


It is also essential to recognise that passion alone is not enough to create lasting change.


Changemakers must back their passion with effective strategies and tactics to successfully implement programmes, achieve desired outcomes, attract partners, and ensure sustainability.


Thus, this book provides changemakers with proven tactics for developing and implementing successful women’s programmes in rural Nigerian communities.


Inside, you will discover strategies for overcoming cultural barriers, tailoring programme designs to diverse rural needs, implementing change management, fostering community buy-in, establishing partnerships for long-term impact, and integrating sustainability into programme designs.

This book is relevant for:

  • Aspring rural community changemakers.
  • Founders and social impact entrepreneurs working in rural communities.
  • Project managers, coordinators, volunteers, and individuals involved in rural development projects.
  • Rural community-focused Civil Society Organizations/Non-Governmental Organizations.
  • Individuals interested in understanding the dynamics of implementing projects and programmes in rural settings.

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