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SDG 1. No Poverty

1.4: Equal Rights to Ownership, Basic Services, Technology and Economic Resources
Our programmes have been tailored to foster access to appropriate new technology, digital financial literacy and financial services, including microfinance, needed for women in rural and underserved communities to grow and scale their businesses. We also foster access to micro pension plans for these women to reduce old age poverty.

SDG 2. Zero Hunger

2.3: Double the Productivity and Incomes of Small-scale Food Producers.
Our cardinal project, herlocalmarket.com, provides access to market opportunities for small scale female farmers and traders in rural and underserved communities. This will, in turn, increase productivity and reduce food wastage.

SDG 4. Quality Education

4.5: Gender equality and inclusion.

By 2030, eliminate gender disparities in education and ensure equal access to all levels of education and vocational training for the vulnerable, including persons with disabilities, indigenous peoples and children in vulnerable situations

With the understanding that access to and meaningful use of digital technology is imperative for achieving gender equality and inclusion, we conduct digital and financial literacy training for women and girls in rural communities, including persons with disabilities. The training is conducted in indigenous languages to aid adoption.Beneficiaries are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to learn, earn, and trade online.

SDG 5. Gender Equality

5.8: Promote Empowerment of Women through Technology.

5.9: Adopt and Strengthen Policies and Enforceable Legislation for Gender Equality.

We provide the relevant technology enablers for women in rural and underserved communities to grow and scale their businesses.

We also contribute to, and influence the creation of evidence-based policies that promote equality and the empowerment of all women and girls at all levels.

SDG 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

9.8: Universal Access to Information and Communications Technology

One of our key initiatives involves fostering access to internet-enabled devices and affordable internet service that allows women in rural and underserved communities to conduct their businesses online.

We also have the Digital Literacy for All campaign where we conduct digital literacy awareness programmes for pupils in primary and secondary schools in rural and underserved communities in Africa, preparing them on how to leverage technology for growth.

SDG 10. Reduced Inequalities

10.1: Reduce income inequality.

10.2: Promote Universal Social, Economic, and Political Inclusions.

10.3: Ensure Equal Opportunities and End Discrimination.

Our initiatives foster digital equity, ensuring that women in rural and underserved communities have equal opportunities with those in urban areas.

We also contribute to, and advocate for policies that contribute to social protection and progressively achieve greater equality.

SDG 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Encourage local consumption and waste reduction

At herlocalmarket.com, we encourage buyers to shop locally produced goods from female sellers and farmers in rural and underserved communities.

SDG 12. Responsible Consumption and Production

12.5: Substantially Reduce Waste Generation
At herlocalmarket.com we use eco-friendly packages as much as possible and encourage our customers to key into our recycle program that fosters reuse of packaging materials and shopping bags in exchange for financial gains.

SDG 17. Partnership for the Goals

17.1: Enhance the Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development

17.2: Increase the Exports of Developing Countries

We partner with other organizations to foster the achievement of our corporate goals and, by extension, the Sustainable Development Goals.

At herlocalmarket, we facilitate trade between our sellers and international buyers.

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