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Tech Herfrica is a social impact organization that is striving to bridge the digital divide and also contributing to breaking the cycle of poverty for women and girls in rural African communities through digital and financial inclusion. Our innovative, localized and evidence-based approach to bridging the digital divide, leading to improved digital literacy, access to, and meaningful use of smartphones, as well as increased income for rural women, earned us the 2023 SDG Digital Game Changers Award in the People Category, issued by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

By providing farmers and traders, especially women, in rural Africa with the information, digital tools, smartphones, digital and financial literacy training, access to financial services, an e-commerce platform, and other resources they need to enhance their farming and business activities and sell more of their products at competitive market prices, we are reducing poverty, reducing post-harvest waste, contributing to food security, promoting social inclusion, and advancing digital equity.

Our initiatives aim to enhance women’s agency, empowering them to make informed decisions, actively contribute to program design, articulate their needs, and participate in their socio-economic development.

Our activities cater to more than just women; in a proactive approach to bridging the digital divide, we have also crafted innovative programs tailored for girls and young students in rural areas, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and tools to thrive in the digital economy. To date, our contributions have enhanced digital and financial literacy and positively impacted the income of more than 4,000 rural women and girls in Nigeria. Despite the hurdles, we are pursuing the ambitious goal of impacting 10 million rural women and girls across Africa by 2030.

Due to the ongoing digital divide, millions of female farmers and traders across the continent are unable to access essential information on market prices, new markets, weather forecasts, agricultural methods, government policies, etc. As a result, they are unable to plan properly, make informed decisions, or adjust to changing circumstances, which leaves them trapped in a cycle of poverty.

With our innovative approach, we have connected the key elements of digital and financial inclusion to economic prosperity for beneficiaries. Our work has increased digital and financial knowledge and skills for over 80% of our beneficiaries and improved their income by 56% on average.

In addition to co-creating an e-commerce solution, herlocalmarket, that connects rural female farmers and traders to local and international buyers so that they can sell more of their products at fair prices, leading to reduced income inequalities and reduced food waste, we provide access to local technology for farmers and traders to increase production as well as conduct digital financial literacy training in indigenous languages for women and girls in rural communities so that they are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to adopt new technologies and access financial services.

Watch Our Story

We were passing through a village in Nigeria when we stopped by to buy fresh farm produce from a seller along the road. Our purchase of about 80,000 naira (100 USD) made her cry and we made a surprising discovery about her life and what we needed to do to help her increase her income. Watch the video to find out more.

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Digital Equity for All

Our Mission

To equip rural African women and girls with the knowledge, skills, and tools to boost their literacy and income leveraging technology, finance, and innovative programmes.

Our Vision

We are working towards a continent where women and girls in rural and underserved communities in Africa are enabled to prosper in the digital economy

Tech Herfrica - Our story

Our Core Values

Diversity & Inclusion

As an organization, we value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all and this is evident in the composition of our team.

Climate Resilience

This core value  underlines our responsibility to safeguard the environment, protect vulnerable communities, and foster sustainable practices. By embracing climate resilience, we strive to contribute our quota towards building a resilient, sustainable, and harmonious world where every action is a step towards a greener and more secure future. Our initiatives and internal policies are developed with this mindset.

Collaborative partnerships

We actively engage in collaborative partnerships for the achievement of our corporate goals and, by extension, the Sustainable Development Goals.

Transparency & Accountability

We conduct our activities in an open and fair manner, and we communicate effectively with key stakeholders. We are accountable to our donors, partners, government institutions, beneficiaries, employees and other stakeholders. In this regard, we have embedded strong governance systems that ensure adequate oversight and clear separation of power.


We deploy an agile approach in the creation of our programmes/initiatives,  and we learn from past experiences to build better programmes that solve identified problems for our target beneficiaries.


African Countries


Women and
Girls Trained




Mobile Devices

M 0

N3million+ Disbursed as business finance

M 0

N10million+ facilitated in trade


Average increase in income for rural female farmers and traders

Our Goals

Tech Herfrica DIGITAL Inclusion

Our SDG Action Dashboard

Tech Herfrica SDG

Our Impact Report

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Awards & Honors

The awards won
by our members &

SDG Digital GameChangers for People Award – Issued by International Telecommunication Union

The Iconic Brand Awards - Tech Herfrica

Impactful NGO of the Year – Issued by The Iconic Brand Awards

Visionary African Women Award – Issued by Lilian Ike Foundation

Women Empowerment Champion – Issued by CSR Reporters

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Our Partners

Collaborative partnerships with diverse organisations

We actively engage in collaborative partnerships for the achievement of our corporate goals and, by extension, Sustainable Development Goals.


Our Merchandise

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