Join the Breaking Barriers Rural Community of Practice

Whether you are a man or woman, you are welcome to join our community of changemakers implementing programmes in rural communities.

About the Community

We are a dedicated community of changemakers committed to implementing programmes in rural communities. Our collaboration facilitates the exchange of perspectives, sharing of lessons learned, forging valuable connections, and cultivating partnerships to ensure successful programme implementation.

Who the Community Is For

  • Aspiring rural community changemakers.
  • Founders and social impact entrepreneurs working in rural communities.
  • Project Managers, coordinators, volunteers, and individuals involved in rural development projects.
  • Rural community-focused Civil Society Organizations/Non-Governmental Organizations.

What to Expect

  1. Networking opportunities with fellow changemakers implementing programmes in rural communities.
  2. Exchange of ideas, lessons learned, strategies, and tactics for successful programme implementation.
  3. Sharing of data and insights.
  4. Collaboration and partnership opportunities.

Join Us

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