Connecting Technology and Menstrual Hygiene: Enhancing Menstrual Hygiene Management for Girls in Karu, Nassarawa State

Project Overview

On May 28, 2024, representatives from Tech Herfrica conducted a comprehensive digital literacy training, emphasizing how to use technology to improve menstrual hygiene. This training was conducted to celebrate World Menstrual Hygiene Day. In partnership with Prince 7 Youth Initiative, Child of Christ Community, and Pad Up Girl’s Initiative, Tech Herfrica visited God’s Great Academy in the underserved community of Karu, Nassarawa State. The goal was to equip junior and senior secondary school female students with the digital skills and knowledge to manage their menstrual health and wellness using feature-rich phones, smart devices, and online platforms.

The training covered essential topics such as:

  • Tracking menstrual cycles using feature-rich phones and smart devices.
  • Using menstrual flow apps to monitor their periods.
  • Accessing information on self-care during menstruation.
  • Utilizing smartwatches to notice patterns in their menstrual cycle.
  • Connecting with online platforms for menstrual products.

Needs Assessment Findings

A comprehensive pre-assessment session was carried out before the training, revealing the following key findings:

  • Smartphone Ownership: 24.6% of the girls (52) possessed or had access to smartphones.
  • Feature-rich Phone Ownership: 20.4% of the girls (43) possessed or had access to feature-rich phones.
    • This means about 45% of the students had access to a mobile device.
  • Awareness of Technology for Menstrual Hygiene: Only 15.17% (32) of the girls knew they could use technology to help them calculate their menstrual cycle.
  • Use of Technology for Menstrual Hygiene: None of the girls had ever used any app to track their menstrual cycle.

Training Session

The training session was designed to empower the girls to take control of their menstrual health and wellness. With the increasing use of technology, digital literacy has become an essential skill for accessing information, resources, and support.

The training was practical and participatory, including:

  • How to use feature-rich phones to calculate and track menstrual cycles.
  • Demonstrations of popular menstrual tracking apps.
  • Hands-on practice using the apps to track menstrual cycles, symptoms, and moods.
  • Demonstrations of how to use the apps to track menstrual flow, symptoms, and self-care tips.
  • Discussions on how to interpret data and identify patterns.

Programme Outcomes

  • Increased Awareness: The training equipped 211 young girls with knowledge on leveraging technology for menstrual health and hygiene. They learned how to use digital tools to manage their menstrual cycles.
  • Increased Knowledge: All 211 participants affirmed that the training significantly improved their digital knowledge and skills related to menstrual hygiene. They gained confidence in using technology to track their cycles and maintain good health.
  • Improved Motivation: The training boosted the motivation of all 211 girls to utilize technology for menstrual health management. They became more enthusiastic about using digital tools to take control of their periods.
  • Increased Technological Use: Among the 52 girls who owned smartphones, 50 committed to downloading apps that track menstrual cycles. This marked a significant increase in technological adoption for menstrual health.
  • Increased Access to Information: 50 out of 52 smartphone owners said they would use their devices to access information on menstrual hygiene, demonstrating a newfound appreciation for digital resources.


This programme’s impact extends beyond mere statistics – it has transformed the lives of these young girls, equipping them with vital knowledge, skills, and motivation to prioritize their menstrual health and well-being. The programme demonstrated the potential of digital literacy in empowering girls to take control of their menstrual health and wellness.

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