Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Tech Herfrica and Afriex Bring Digital Transformation to Okeho's Female Traders through the EquipHer Initiative

In an exciting development, the Tech Herfrica team, supported and sponsored by Afriex, made a return to the lively Ayedarade Market in the Okeho community. This time, their mission was to empower and equip female traders with smartphones through the transformative EquipHer initiative.

The event commenced promptly at 10 am, marked by a crucial data collection process that laid the foundation for a successful training session. With the necessary information gathered, the next step was to distribute smartphones to ten carefully selected female traders who would participate in the program.

During the training session, the participants were guided through a comprehensive series of activities, meticulously breaking down the utilization of their smartphones into easily manageable steps. The facilitators ensured that the women felt comfortable and confident in navigating their devices, empowering them to harness the full potential of the digital tools at their disposal. The training covered various essential activities, including:

  1. Device Setup: Trainers demonstrated how to power on the smartphones and provided step-by-step instructions on setting up essential features.
  2. SIM Card Insertion: Participants learned the correct method of inserting SIM cards, enabling them to make calls, send messages, and access mobile data.
  3. Data Subscription Activation: Trainers guided the women through the process of activating data subscriptions, enabling them to connect to the internet and explore a wealth of online resources.
  4. Account Creation: Participants were introduced to various online platforms and taught how to create accounts on popular services such as Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp.
  5. App Downloading: Trainers explained how to browse and download applications from the App Store, empowering the women to explore a vast array of productivity, communication, and financial tools.
  6. Contact Management: Participants were taught how to save and organize contacts on their smartphones, facilitating easy communication with fellow traders, customers, and potential business partners.
  7. WhatsApp Messaging: Trainers demonstrated how to use WhatsApp, enabling the women to send and receive messages, share images, and stay connected with their peers.
  8. WhatsApp Status Updates: Participants were taught how to upload status updates on WhatsApp, a powerful tool for showcasing their products, promotions, and business updates.

Throughout the training session, the atmosphere brimmed with enthusiasm and eagerness as the women actively participated, absorbing the knowledge imparted to them.

Impact Recorded:

  • Ownership of Smartphones: Prior to the training, all ten women did not own smartphones. After the training, they received their first smartphone devices, providing them with a powerful tool for digital empowerment.
  • Smartphone Literacy: None of the participants had prior knowledge of how to use smartphones. Through the training, they gained essential technical know-how and skills, enabling them to navigate their devices confidently and efficiently.
  • E-commerce Utilization: The women had never used e-commerce to increase their business income. After the training, they acquired the knowledge and understanding of how to leverage e-commerce platforms, opening up new avenues for sales and expanding their customer base.
  • Access to Financial Services: The training provided the participants with vital information about financial services such as loans, credits, micro pension plans, and health insurance. They now have the ability to explore and access these services, improving their financial well-being and security.
  • Enhanced Customer Connectivity: Through the use of smartphones, the women can now connect with more of their customers. They have learned how to utilize communication tools like WhatsApp to engage with their clients, share updates, and strengthen customer relationships.

The impact recorded showcases a transformative journey for these women, transitioning from a lack of smartphone ownership and digital literacy to being equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to leverage technology for their business growth and financial empowerment.

By the end of the program, the participants emerged not only excited about the smartphones they received but also deeply grateful to the generous sponsors, Afriex, for making this transformative initiative possible. The digital financial literacy training, conducted under the EquipHer Initiative, equipped these women with essential skills, opening doors to new opportunities and empowering them to thrive in the digital age.

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