Facilitating Digital Financial Literacy for Rural Women using Indigenous Languages

Digital Financial Literacy Session in Yoruba Language

There is an ongoing digital divide across the African continent, and women in rural and underserved African communities are significantly affected. This means that these women do not have access to the same opportunities as their counterparts in urban areas.

It even becomes more painful because this divide is not just between men and women; it is also obvious between one woman in the urban area and another woman in the rural area. For instance, the GSMA Consumer Survey Report for 2021 highlighted that in Nigeria, 46% of women in urban areas used the internet compared to 24% of women in rural areas.

According to our results from our survey, factors such as low literacy, low-income levels, geographical restrictions, a lack of motivation to use technology, a lack of physical access to technology, a lack of localized content, and digital illiteracy contribute to the digital divide.

At Tech Herfrica, we are doing our part to bridge this divide, and on Thursday, April 27, 2023, our team will be visiting Okeho Town in Kajola LGA of Oyo State to conduct digital financial literacy training and thereafter onboard eligible participants on Her Local Market. This location makes it the third location we are visiting in Nigeria since our inception.

With the help of our partners, the African Leadership Foundation, the training will be conducted in the indigenous language of the community, Yoruba! This is to aid understanding and foster adoption.
Our team has also designed the curriculum based on the needs assessment report.

The training has been designed to boost awareness and increase motivation, and participants will be taught how to leverage digital tools and access financial services to grow their businesses and increase their income by at least 50%.

Participants in the training will also be profiled and given access to internet-enabled smartphones to aid their ability to trade on @herlocalmarket

Our programmes have been designed to achieve the desired outcomes, and we are committed to reducing poverty, one woman at a time.

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