Real People, Real Tech Stories: Fatimoh's Inspiring Journey with EquipHer and Afriex

Thanks to Afriex, Fatimoh, a beneficiary of the EquipHer initiative in Okeho, Oyo State, shared a picture with us via WhatsApp! Her journey from smartphone novice to digital trailblazer serves as a testament to the transformative power of technology and the impact it can have on empowering individuals in underserved communities.

Not long ago, Fatimoh found herself at a disadvantage in her business endeavors. Lacking access to a smartphone and the knowledge of how to use one, she struggled to expand her customer base and access essential financial services. This limitation hindered her growth and potential for success. However, that all changed when she became connected with the EquipHer initiative and its partner Afriex.

Through the collaboration with Afriex, Fatimoh was equipped with a smartphone and received invaluable support and guidance. She was empowered with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the digital landscape effectively. Learning how to utilize a smartphone and discovering the potential of apps like WhatsApp, she unlocked a world of possibilities that had previously been out of reach.

In less than two weeks, Fatimoh’s life has taken a remarkable turn. What was once unfamiliar territory has become her domain. With her newfound digital skills, Fatimoh has not only being able to effectively communicate with her customers through platforms like WhatsApp, but she has also gained access to financial services that were previously inaccessible to her. This empowerment has resulted in a projected income increase of at least 50%, showcasing the significant impact of digital transformation on her business and livelihood.

Fatimoh’s inspiring journey serves as a reminder of the unlimited potential that can be unleashed when individuals are equipped with the necessary resources and support. As the EquipHer initiative continues to empower more women like Fatimoh, the possibilities for growth and prosperity in underserved communities become even more promising. By bridging the digital divide and harnessing the power of technology, we can create a future where everyone has equal access to opportunities and the ability to thrive.

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