Tech Herfrica Boosts Transparency and Integrity In Reporting With New Global Communications Advisor, Michael J. Jordan.

Globally, social impact organizations are expected to report their activities and impacts as a means of communicating their effectiveness and documenting valuable lessons. However, there have been instances where donors and other key stakeholders have expressed skepticism about whether these organizations truly deliver on their promises or are reporting their activities and impact transparently. In response, a growing number of organizations are now consciously and deliberately committing to ethical communications and transparency in their reporting, ensuring that their disclosed activities genuinely reflect their on-the-ground operations.

Tech Herfrica, a pioneering social impact organization committed to bridging the digital divide and helping to boost the literacy and income of women and girls in rural African communities through strategic programmes that help the women overcome barriers to digital and financial inclusion has taken the lead in ensuring transparent impact storytelling as the organization has appointed one of the world’s most experienced strategic communications expert, Michael J. Jordan, as its Global Communications Advisor. Michael J. Jordan, renowned for his extensive experience in strategic communications across several continents, brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique global perspective to Tech Herfrica. His career spans three distinct fields and four continents—Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. As a seasoned foreign correspondent, Jordan has reported from over 30 countries for high-profile publications such as Foreign Policy, AFP, Christian Science Monitor, and South Africa’s Mail & Guardian. Additionally, Jordan is the founder and principal of MJ Method Communications and the author of “The Global Communications Toolkit,” a widely respected resource in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. His expertise has significantly improved communication strategies for addressing various global challenges, ranging from HIV orphans and maternal health in Africa to environmental protection and telecommunications in China.

During the announcement, Imade Bibowei-Osuobeni, President of Tech Herfrica, shared her enthusiasm about the new appointment, stating that Michael J. Jordan’s role is crucial to Tech Herfrica’s ongoing strategy of sharing authentic stories of their work. She highlighted that his expertise will help in clearly and transparently articulating their impact, extracting valuable lessons, and communicating these insights to assist other organizations in enhancing the impact of their programs. “This significant addition to the team marks a major stride towards enhancing the transparency and authenticity of Tech Hefrica’s strategic communications effort, especially important in an era often marred by inflated impact reports”, she concluded.

Michael, in his remarks, expressed eagerness to join the Tech Herfrica team, eager to share his skills and strategies for what he calls strategic storytelling. This approach focuses on illuminating true impact by capturing concrete, credible, and verifiable evidence- he said.

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