Tech Herfrica Educates Rural Women Entrepreneurs: Bridging the Digital Divide in Nigeria for Economic Independence

Tech Herfrica has been selected as the digital and financial literacy consultant for the Rural Women Entrepreneurs Enterprise Development Project, spearheaded by Self Help Africa. This initiative aims to empower rural women entrepreneurs across the continent by leveraging technology to enhance their entrepreneurial capabilities and economic independence, thereby bridging the digital divide in Nigeria.

Self Help Africa, known for its impactful community development initiatives, chose Tech Herfrica for its specialized expertise in digital and financial literacy training tailored for marginalized groups. The partnership aims to bridge the digital divide in Nigeria and improve financial inclusivity among women entrepreneurs who often encounter barriers to accessing essential resources and training.

Under this engagement, Tech Herfrica will conduct a comprehensive skill gap analysis and develop a customized curriculum covering essential topics such as digital literacy, financial management, e-commerce education, and social media marketing. The curriculum will be localized to ensure relevance and easy adoption by rural women entrepreneurs. Additionally, Tech Herfrica will provide ‘train the trainer’ sessions to build capacity for 120 women who will be responsible for training other women in their business clusters, and design monitoring and evaluation tools to track project impact effectively.

The Rural Women Entrepreneurs Enterprise Development Project is a testament to Self Help Africa’s commitment to sustainable development and gender equality. By equipping women with the necessary skills and resources, the project aims to catalyze economic empowerment and foster community development.

This partnership underscores the transformative potential of collaboration in achieving sustainable development goals and empowering marginalized communities. With Tech Herfrica’s expertise and Self Help Africa’s dedication to empowerment, the project promises to create lasting positive impacts on the lives and livelihoods of women throughout Africa.

For more information on Self Help Africa and its initiatives, please visit Self Help Africa’s website.

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