Utilizing the UNCTAD eTrade Readiness Assessment for Inclusive E-Commerce

The UNCTAD eTrade Readiness Assessment, developed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), plays a crucial role in evaluating countries’ preparedness to engage in e-commerce and digital trade. This assessment report focuses on assessing the capacity of businesses and individuals to participate in online transactions and emphasizes the significance of digital access and connectivity for e-commerce growth, particularly in developing countries. By conducting a comprehensive analysis of various factors such as legal and regulatory frameworks, ICT infrastructure, payment and delivery systems, and human capacity, the assessment sheds light on the current state of e-commerce readiness in specific countries or regions, providing valuable insights for fostering its growth.

The UNCTAD eTrade Readiness Assessment is a powerful tool that Tech Herfrica has leveraged to identify specific challenges and opportunities for e-commerce in rural and underserved communities in Africa. By utilizing the assessment report, Tech Herfrica has gained valuable insights into the readiness of businesses and individuals to engage in online transactions, including the importance of digital access and connectivity for e-commerce growth.

Based on the assessment findings, Tech Herfrica has implemented targeted interventions to bridge the digital divide for women in these communities. Through the provision of digital tools, financial literacy programs, and other resources, Tech Herfrica empowers women to overcome barriers and actively participate in e-commerce, thereby enabling them to tap into the vast opportunities it offers.

Tech Herfrica’s strategic focus on empowering female farmers and traders aligns perfectly with UNCTAD’s emphasis on fostering e-commerce participation among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries. By recognizing the often overlooked SMEs and the additional barriers faced by women-led businesses, Tech Herfrica is actively working towards leveling the playing field and promoting inclusive economic growth.

With the ambitious goal of integrating 10 million women and girls into the digital economy by 2030, Tech Herfrica not only contributes to the achievement of digital equity but also aligns with the key objectives of UNCTAD’s e-commerce readiness assessment. Both share a common vision of leveraging e-commerce to drive inclusive economic growth and ensure that no one is left behind.

In conclusion, the UNCTAD eTrade Readiness Assessment report has been instrumental for Tech Herfrica in identifying specific challenges and opportunities in rural and underserved communities. This knowledge has enabled us to design effective interventions and close the digital divide for women in those areas, fostering digital inclusion and empowerment. 

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